KENYA, NAIROBI: Geo News has obtained the exclusive footage of a Toyota Land Cruiser in which journalist Arshad Sharif was travelling when he was killed. 

The Kenyan police fired nine bullets at Sharif’s car on the night of October 23, 2022, which led to his demise. The National Police Service claimed the shooting of the journalist occurred after police officers mistook the “stolen” Mercedes Benz Sprinter, registration number KDJ 700F, for the Toyota Land Cruiser registration number KDG 200M.

The damaged car is currently parked at high-security police protection. Geo News obtained the footage through a credible source in Kenya.

The KDG 200M is owned by Waqar Ahmad whose brother Khurram Ahmad was driving Sharif when the Kenyan police opened fire on them. 

— Thumbnail image: Screengrab

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