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Results: A total of 3551 patients met the inclusion criteria and were evaluated in our study. The cohorts consisted of 1461 patients in the non-diabetic cohort, 1597 patients in the diabetic / metformin cohort, and 493 patients in the diabetic no metformin cohort. Compared to non-diabetic patients, diabetic patients with metformin had a lower rate of death (aHR 0.78, 95% CI 0.609–0.999). There was not a statistical difference between the non-diabetic patients and the diabetic patients without metformin (aHR 1.046, 95% CI 0.781–1.400). The propensity score matched cohorts revealed consistent results with the primary analysis. Conclusion: Our results demonstrated patients with obesity and a history of metformin treatment have lower influenza mortality.

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