Community Solidarity Fund against Covid-19

Dubai Chamber is committed to fight against the spread of Covid-19! Please join us to protect our community and businesses

What is this Fund about?
The Community Solidarity Fund against COVID-19, has been set up by the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in response to the growing societal concern to contribute to the fight against Coronavirus.
It aims to mitigate the economic, social, and health challenges posed by this outbreak.

What is Dubai Chamber’s role?
The Chamber has made an initial pledge of AED 10 million and will be focusing on providing humanitarian and logistical assistance to blue collar labourers, who have finished their projects but have no financial means to go back home.

With the exceptional circumstances associated with the place and way of living of the construction workers, there are great challenges that go beyond the health dimension to include all areas of social, humanitarian and economic life in the emirate. Therefore, the Chamber strongly feels about supporting and assisting this working group, and protecting our society.

The Chamber will implement additional series of initiatives to encourage the private sector to play their part in mitigating the social, economic and health impact of Coronavirus.

How can you help?
We cannot do this alone – we need your support and help. During this challenging time, we need to stand together and give back to the community and businesses that are struggling. The business sector has a social and community role that is every bit as important as its corporate mandate.

You can register your interest in participating in the fund by writing to us at the following email address and we will contact you with the next steps to facilitate your participation in this cause: