FM Bilawal giving his closing remarks at


FM Bilawal giving his closing remarks at 
  • Bilawal highlights problems of poor countries in his closing remarks. 
  • Says world economic system failed to poor countries from collapse. 
  • Says severe recession reversed a decade of developments.

Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari has said that the current global economic system has not been efficient enough to deal with the problems of developing countries.

Developing countries are facing economic challenges, he said, while concluding the session of the Group of 77 and China ministerial conference in New York on Saturday. 

“At least a hundred countries are reeling from the economic crises and millions of people in these countries are forced to face a life of hunger and poverty,” he said.

“The world, especially developing countries, faced a perfect storm of challenges. The deepest economic recession in a century is disproportionately affecting the poorest countries and reversing a decade of development,” he emphasised.

“It also has become evident that existing international economic system has been unable to respond to the plight of developing countries,” he asserted. “Over a hundred countries faced financial collapse. Over a billion people faced hunger and the destitute.”

He said that the most severe recession of the century is impacting poor countries as it has shifted the direction of development that was achieved over the last decade.

Bilawal pointed out that an increasing number of climate change-caused calamities are affecting poor countries as the recent flood disaster in Pakistan is an example of the catastrophe.

Bilawal slams India for terrorism in Pakistan

Addressing a press conference yesterday, Bilawal told India that Osama Bin Laden has died but the butcher of Gujarat — Narendra Modi — is still alive and has become the prime minister of India.

The Indian government does not believe in Gandhi’s ideology, but rather in the doctrines of his assassin. The Indian government is influenced by Hitler, he said.

Condemning India’s role in stoking terrorism in Pakistan, the foreign minister said that terrorist elements in Pakistan are getting support from the neighbouring country. Foreign elements are actively trying to create instability in Balochistan, he said.

Bilawal stated that there was irrefutable evidence of Indian involvement in the Johar Town blast in Lahore. He demanded elements responsible for terrorism in Pakistan be brought to book.

Terrorism in Pakistan was sponsored from abroad, he noted. He underscored the need to stop terrorist groups from receiving training and financial support from across the border.

The foreign minister said that Pakistan is proud of its achievements in the war against terrorism, as the country has taken concrete steps in connection with the National Action Plan for counterterrorism.


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