Pomeranian is a terribly active, conformable and are an extremely popular dog with its qualities and popular within the world. It comes during a wide selection of colors together with orange, lavender, sable, brindle, Merle, red, chocolate and cream.

They are terribly simple to coach and learn commands in no time. They’re terribly little dogs and weigh solely concerning three kilos. They play well with older youngsters and alternative pets and participate sky-high in games and activities. one among the sweetest and delightful dog breeds. The Pomeranian like to involve in numerous games.

The Pomeranian is a beautiful family dog. This little watchdog has terribly loud barks. Pomeranian like to live in the house and being around you most of the time. they’re conjointly terribly active and mocking.

2. Siberian husky
The Siberian husky is intelligent, active and an excellent family pet. Their light demeanors and cluster mentality build them very fashionable as a family dog. This breed may be a common pet and is taken into account one in every of the foremost stunning dog breeds attributable to their placing eyes. Their eyes can also have many various light-weight reminder blues, inexperienced and grey.
The Siberian noted for its friendliness and loyalty. they need a really thick coat that comes with a big selection of colors. In fact, the coat of the Siberian husky is thicker than most alternative breeds.
To make them Associate in Nursing good active dog you would like to coach them well. Siberian Huskies like to work and involve in outside sports with you.
They will learn all directions and commands from the masters terribly quickly. Siberian huskies also are excellent at looking and that they like to play with toys. they’re conjointly nice with youngsters as a result of they’re terribly tolerant.
3. Chow Chow

The Chow Chow is known for its large size. This breed lion-like looking and powerful dog breed. The distinctive look is as a result of the dense fur close its face that appears sort of a lion’s mane and features a similar golden-brown color. This breed comes in 5 colors – red, black, cream, cinnamon, and blue. Aside from attention-getting look. Chow chows square measure celebrated for there skills in protection and searching.

The most distinguishable physical feature of the chow is its black-blue tongue. This coloration is incredibly distinctive among dogs. not like different dogs, chow chows even have terribly straight hind legs.

Chow chow dogs square measure freelance and stubborn. It’s an awfully dominant breed. A well-trained chow might be an excellent family dog. This breed is good with other pets.
This breed is an originally Chinese breed and now found everywhere the planet. It’s a superb searching and watchdog and desires vigorous activity to stay it engaged. They’re intelligent, freelance and rigorous dog breed. One of the cutest and exquisite dog breeds.

4. Labrador Retriever
The Labrador Retriever is friendly and sociable dog breed. This dog is playful and a cool guard dog. The retriever conjointly called the Small Water Dog. Its stocky body and powerful legs alter the dog to swim and run powerfully.
Labs sport a double coat that protects from cold and wet conditions that retrievers encounter whereas looking. The undercoat is soft and weather-resistant whereas the highest coat is brief, straight and thick. Labs are available in 3 colors: black, chocolate or yellow.

Labs have soft mouths, helpful for retrieving game, webbed feet for swimming, and thick double coats that shield them from cold water temperatures. They need many daily exercises and play to debar dissatisfaction and forestall doubtless harmful mastication behavior from developing.

5. Icelandic sheepdogs

This recent and enticing breed was introduced in Iceland and since then has flourished in Iceland. For several centuries, Icelandic dogs facilitate them to guard their lambs. This lovely dog breed contains a thick coat of fur like different dogs from the icy regions on this list and also the coat is its most engaging feature.
Their coat comes in each long and short kind. The thick coat helps them to survive in extreme weather condition. The color could also be brown, white, golden, black and red.

Icelandic sheepdogs shed their coat double a year and need regular grooming to stay it healthy. They’re terribly friendly and dependable. This dog has a powerful protecting instinct towards the family as a result of they need to be been bred as sheepdogs.

This watchful breed conjointly has been delineated on their native Iceland. They’re conjointly terribly alert and roguish.

6. Miniature schnauzer

Miniature schnauzer could be a tiny stunning dog breed that legendary for its distinguishable whiskers and coat. It’s a thick coat created from 2 layers – the outer coat is tough and long whereas the inner coat is shorter and soft. The sweetness of schnauzer dog is delineated by its long fur on the legs, bushy eyebrows and beard. They’re extraordinarily loyal, caring, intelligent, mischievous and alert.

Its coat comes in several colors as well as black, white, silver and salt and pepper. If you have got a schnauzer dog you would like to comb its coat daily to stay in good shape.
Miniature schnauzer is the best choice for the family dog. They’re protecting and suspicious of strangers. This mischievous dog additionally gets on well with kids.

It needs regular grooming to stay the coat shining however since this dog likes to be indoor, it doesn’t want an excessive amount of exercise. It’s an ideal Canis familiaris.

7. Golden Retriever
This beautiful and pleasant retriever is one among the foremost widespread dog breed in the world. This dog breed features a thick coat of golden fur. As the name indicates, the color of their coat seems in numerous reminder golden color. Besides the wonderful, the retriever is a perfect rescue dog, obedient, intelligent and energetic.
Golden Retriever mature terribly slowly. Retriever shed throughout the year. Daily hair care is should stay their stunning coat in shape.

Calm nature and smart watchdog are the standards of retriever breed. however, they’re loyal, dutiful and really intelligent. Golden retrievers are terribly active and like to involve in varied tasks assigned to them by the masters.

8. Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese mountain dog is a large, beautiful breed that originally breed in Switzerland. It is one of varieties of Swiss mountain dogs. This pretty breed has thick tri-colored coat. The chest of Bernese mountain dogs are black and white.
Bernese mountain dog has rust colored markings on eyes, mouth and front legs. Their bushy tail is carried below and ears are triangular in shape. The strikingly colored thick coat of this breed also gives prevention against weather threats.
Bernese mountain dogs have a length between 24 and 28 inches and weighs up to 50 kg. They are very intelligent and learn tricks so quickly. Owners need to train them well in the puppy-hood itself. By heritage, Bernese mountain dogs developed as farm dogs, especially to protect the cattle.
Bernese mountain dogs are extremely loyal and protective. They like to be with you always. They are also very gentle with children and other pets.