• Ex-CJ’s son purportedly asks PTI candidate to say thanks to his dad.
  • Allegedly claims Saqib Nisar ‘worked very hard’ to get the job done.
  • Seems to haggle over amount of money decided to be paid for favour.

The dirty audio leak saga took an interesting turn on Saturday as a new alleged audio leak featuring ex-chief justice Saqib Nisar’s son Najam Saqib surfaced on Saturday, just days after the former top judge’s alleged audio leak came to the fore.

The leaked audio purportedly features two separate telephonic conversations between former CJP’s son and Abuzar Chadhar — a Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) candidate from PP137 — and another person Mian Uzair, whose identity remains unknown.

The three could be heard allegedly talking about the provincial assembly ticket recently issued by PTI.

It may be noted that the party had recently withdrawn tickets for 21 constituencies and fielded fresh candidates after a backlash.

A report published by The News stated that the fresh list showed that the PTI has also fielded scions of political and influential families or former MNAs and MPAs who had been with Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N), Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) or Pakistan Muslim League Quaid (PML-Q) in the past.

In one of the leaked audios, Najam Saqib allegedly asked Abuzar Chadhar to pay a visit to his father to thank him for a favour, while in the other, he argues with Mian Uzair over money. 

Here is the transcript of the alleged audio call between Najam Saqib and Abuzar Chadhar:

Abuzar Chadhar: Sir..sir, Assalamo Alikum.

Najam Saqib: Yes.

Abuzar Chadhar: Your efforts have paid off.

Najam Saqib: I have received the information.

Abuzar Chadhar: Okay sir.

Najam Saqib: Now tell, me what needs to be done now.

Abuzar Chadhar: We are getting the tickets printed. These should be printed. We cannot delay this matter as we are running short of time.

Najam Saqib: You just come to meet Baba to thank him. Nothing else.

Abuzar Chadhar: Yes obviously, what are you talking about?

Najam Saqib: He will come back by 11 o’clock. You just come to give him a hug. He has worked hard a lot.

Abuzar Chadhar: Very much. I was wondering if I should visit the uncle (Saqib Nisar) first or come after submitting the ticket.

Najam Saqib: As you wish, but make sure that you meet Baba today.

Abuzar Chadhar: Yes obviously, [I] have to come straight to him [Saqib Nisar].

Najam Saqib: Alright then.

Abuzar Chadhar: The time will end at 12 o’clock.

Najam Saqib: Get the ticket printed, send the picture and then come after doing that.

Abuzar Chadhar: Okay.

Following is the transcript of the alleged audio call between Najam Saqib and Mian Uzair:

Najam Saqib: Check WhatsApp.

Mian Uzair: Oh yes, has Abuzar sent this to you?

Najam Saqib: Yar (my friend) I’m also a lawyer.

Mian Uzair: No. Has Abuzar sent this to you or [did you] receive it directly?

Najam Saqib: I can receive it directly as well. It’s not necessary that Abuzar sends everything.

Mian Uzair: You want me to bypass him?

Najam Saqib: Do it if you want to, but I have received it from him.

Mian Uzair: Okay

Najam Saqib: So who got the job done… No one else has done it.

Mian Uzair: Okay good then.

Najam Saqib: What’s the scene now?

Mian Uzair: I will talk, okay?

Najam Saqib: What do you mean by you’ll talk about it? It was done and decided.

Mian Uzair: Let me call and tell them to deliver the goods to me.

Najam Saqib: Not only deliver the goods. Don’t take less than 120 or else I’ll break your legs.

Mian Uzair: Yar (buddy) you are again saying such things …. on the phone.

Najam Saqib: Yar Uzair, I don’t have any issue with that. Don’t take less than 120 from him.

Mian Uzair: okay

Najam Saqib: I’m telling you that I’m not joking. This is a big deal Uzair.

Mian Uzair: Brother I have given my word. I am not…

Najam Saqib: You become a … become a … for me. Or I will not even talk to you.

Mian Uzair: Okay then, I’ll do it.

Najam Saqib: Or else I will deal with him directly. What else can I do other than that?

Mian Uzair: Say it directly, it’s better.

Najam Saqib: He is coming to the office after submitting the ticket. You also come if you want to.

Mian Uzair: Okay.

Maryam Nawaz slams ex-CJP

Reacting to the audio leak, PML-N Chief Organiser Maryam Nawaz berated the former top judge.

“Think, those who have retired now, how will they be misusing their powers when they were occupying offices. Nawaz Sharif is silent but the conspirators are getting exposed every day.”


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