A representational image. — Twitter

A representational image. — Twitter

The Sindh Government came under fire on Sunday after news circulating on social media claimed that PPP-led government was selling flour bags received in aid for the recent floods from the United Kingdom in local stores.

A picture of a flour bag with “UK aid” printed on it was being shared on social media, and several Twitterati claimed that the bags were part of the aid Pakistan received from the UK and was being sold in the stores of Karachi.

However, it was later noted that this picture was from 2014.

Moreover, in a brief statement released on their official Twitter handle, the CM House clarified that the story was based on a “fabricated” social media post.

“The UK is not a partner in this programme and has not provided wheat flour. Politically motivated propaganda is being spread to undermine, discredit relief work and to divert attention from the genuine service,” the statement read.

Meanwhile, the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) also stated that there was “no authenticity” in the news circulating on social media.

“As Government of Pakistan and NDMA has not received any aid from the United Kingdom containing/consisting of flour bags,” it was clarified.

Pakistan is currently reeling from the devastations caused by the catastrophic floods and keeping in view the situation the international organisations and friendly countries are sending aid.

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