ANF suspends officials after bribe-taking video at Islamabad airport went viral

  • ANF officers suspended after video went viral on Twitter.
  • Agency says it follows high professional standards.
  • Officials could be seen asking for bribe in foreign currency

RAWALPINDI: The Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) on Thursday announced to form a high-level investigation committee to establish facts about a viral video showing ANF officials allegedly demanding bribes at the Islamabad International Airport.

“In line with the work ethics of ANF, characterised by integrity and professionalism, the video is being scrutinised through a very high-level inquiry to establish the facts and apportion blame,” the ANF spokesperson said. 

The department has suspended the officials allegedly implicated in bribe-taking till the fulfillment of the inquiry, read the statement issued.

A day earlier, a video of ANF officials allegedly taking bribes at the airport went viral on social media.

In the video, two officers could be seen talking to a person while checking his bag. One of the officers could be heard asking bribe from the person in return for allowing him to take his stuff. 

The video also shows the officer asking for money in euros. 

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