Officials from Pakistani Hajj mission welcome pilgrims upon their arrival at Madina airport. — Radio Pakistan


Officials from Pakistani Hajj mission welcome pilgrims upon their arrival at Madina airport. — Radio Pakistan 

A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight — with 316 pilgrims on board — landed in Madina Munawara, Saudi Arabia on Sunday, making it the first Hajj flight from Pakistan this year.

Upon their arrival at the airport, the pilgrims were warmly received by Director General Hajj Abdul Wahab Somroo, Director Hajj, and other esteemed officials from the Pakistani Hajj Mission.

The dignitaries extended a heartfelt welcome to the pilgrims, ensuring their comfort and assistance throughout their sacred journey.

In addition, the officials from the Pakistani Hajj Mission expressed their hospitality by distributing gifts and presenting bouquets to the pilgrims as a token of their warm reception. The act of distributing these thoughtful gestures further added to the joyous atmosphere, creating a sense of appreciation and gratitude among the arriving pilgrims.

Saudi Authorities extended their generosity by distributing gifts among the Pakistani Hajj pilgrims.

During an interview with APP at Madina Airport, the pilgrims conveyed their contentment regarding the facilities offered by the Pakistani and Saudi authorities at the immigration desk and for their transportation.

The pilgrims expressed their satisfaction, acknowledging the efforts made by both authorities to ensure a smooth and comfortable experience throughout their journey.

The pilgrims also expressed their deep appreciation for the services rendered by the Pakistani Moavineen (helpers) at Madina Airport, as well as the valuable training programs offered by the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

These commendable services and training initiatives were acknowledged by the pilgrims, highlighting the dedication and commitment of the Pakistani authorities in facilitating a meaningful and well-organised Hajj experience.

An additional 899 Pakistani pilgrims are set to arrive in Madina through Serene and PIA airlines, originating from the cities of Lahore, Faisalabad, and Karachi.


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